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96 p38 driver seat belt buckle broke

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My front drivers side (usa/ left) buckle broke...im having some trouble tracking one down. Any recommendations would be great. and the soon the better...im not digging the lack of seat belt safety while driving around. :pray:

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Mine just broke too. Looks like $75 on eBay for one. It's winter and roads are icy, don't like the feeling of going without. Guess that's incentive to put the snow tires on the car in the meantime.
Swap the passenger buckle over to the drivers side until you replace it. Any passenger can always sit in the back in the mean time.
I checked some salvage listings, but went ahead and got the eBay buckle. Good to know that I can switch them around, but I'll probably just wait until I get the replacement. Probably good that I drive my other cars every few weeks. I've been driving the RR exclusively since the weather turned bad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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