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95 SWB loosing antifreeze and heating up

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I was driving my beloeved SWB and noticed it was heating up. I went home waited for it to coo and checked the overfill bottle and it was low. I filled it and drove it for a week just fine until the heater turned cold and it started heating up again???? Bad radiator? water pump? help plz. Also anyone know a trustworthy mechanic in or around Olympia, Washington?
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Uh oh. I believe it is your head gasket giving you the problems. It pains me to even think about it.
If you are not the wrench turning type I would fill her up and get her to Gord'n Perott at Lamorna Garage in Ballard. He is the best Classic mechanic in Washington. He is honest, fair and will be upfront with you about what really needs to be done. His details are on home page on the independant shop listing. Tell him Carl sent ya! :thumb:
ok so I can hear gurgling in the truck a few minutes after I start it up. and after I drive it I find a small puddle of antifreeze on the ground under the truck. I can see the coolant circulating so the water pump should be ok but I can see a bunch of tiny bubbles in the coolant as it streams by. its ONLY overheating when the coolant gets really low. no water or bubbles in the oil. seems to be a normal amount of steam coming out of the muffler....any ideas. Carl thx for the lead on a mechanic I will take it to him if I can't figure it out.
The coolant is coming from somewhere. Try tracing it back. You can also buy a tool that pressurises your cooling system with the engine off to help you find leaks.
Ok help! Gordon is booked until late January so I took it to a local range rover shop that does restorations here in Oly I was stoked to find....but after a grand later.... I am told I only have a leak and they fixed it. That the headgasket is fine and pressure testing proved it. However I get the truck back and it won't start the next day. I am told that although my plug wires are new they are not what they recommend(although rr of seattle put them on) but they are out of stock so I drive it home and the next morning it won't start. They bring the wires over replace them still wont' start.... So they change the plugs and it fires up....verdict...fouled plugs. why?....any way back to coolant. Car runs fine although a bit rough at idle when in "drive" position for two days then it gets hot again. I top off coolant and now its running fne again. What gives???

Now when I start the truck there is a clank, clank, clanking like the fan might be loose? it vibrates a bit and then will stop. From inside the car at drivers seat I hear gurgling but no water on carpets....just lots of gurgling. Periodically I am getting steam(white smoke out the exhaust)...like this morning on start up nothing but after a few seconds massive white then nothing.....no water in the oil....no consistent white exhaust....I am totally confused. Although mechanics is not my thing I was raised by one (my Dad) so I feel comfortable under the hood but I truly am at a loss here. Other weird stuff....my fan doesn't seeme to be kicking in when I think it should. Why doesn't the check engine or low coolant light come on when it get low or hot. I never see a low coolant light on bulb check when starting but have read on here there is one. Just before it heats up the heater blows cold. And some days the rearview mirro lights wont come on and then minutes later they will???? Ghosts in the machine lol! Any help is appreciated!

Also anyone have any experiences with British Northwest Range Rover of Olympia?
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Sounds like they didn't purge your cooling system properly.
ok so how do I purge the cooling system properly?
I would download RAVE, since you have a '95, and read the directions there. You will need RAVE for a multitude of issues down the line.
So is it losing any coolant?
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