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95 LWB County- EAS "Hidden" Fault

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First, my gratitude to R. Storey Wilson for his open software EASUnlock. Not only does it save me from finding someone with a Testbook, it gives a purpose to that old windoze laptop I had rotting in the closet!

Anyway, I have an error that recurs after a few days of driving which sets the EAS into minor fault mode. When reading the faults with EAS Unlock after this occurs, the fault is named "Hidden". Not a very helpful description, eh? Anyone have a clue what this might mean?

The only odd symptom I appear to have is that occasionally when I turn the vehicle off, get out and close the door, I'll hear the valve block click a relay momentarily and the rear will deflate just a little. My neighbor claims he's seen/heard the Rover do it in the middle of the night, when he's been outside for a smoke! I'm figuring I may have to rebuild the valve block in the near future. Other than that, the system works fine.
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"F8: 2_Hidden" is the exact syntax of the fault.
Well, it would appear that the F8:2_Hidden fault is a left front height sensor, which appears to have an intermittent connection. I can make the fault go away if I wiggle the harness at the sensor. Maybe a good removal and cleaning is in order. New replacements seem a bit pricey, but maybe I can find a secondhand one from someone who's converted to coils. Hopefully, I won't need to.
good find!

I have some used sensors, out of town for 4 weeks though....
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