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1994 4.2 began showing signs of the alternator dying, so I ordered a unit from British Parts of Utah.

Prior to the replacement, the truck would start every time and there was no odd behavior besides the battery light coming on when idling. I put the battery on the charger and went about replacing the alternator with the new unit. The starter is getting power and will turn the engine over but it won’t start. The only thing that has changed is the alternator. Putting the old one back on and it still won’t start.

How do I start diagnosing this? Is there something in the general area of the alternator that I could have inadvertently knocked loose?

I checked the distributor, the cap has no play and the plug wires are all secure. I do not see anything in the area that’s unplugged.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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