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1970-1995 Range Rover Classic
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Hey all,

The other morning I (hastily) forced the key to turn in the door-handle tumbler.

Instead of unlocking the vehicle I snapped something. (Not sure what snapped, but now the key continuously turns in the tumbler w/o locking or unlocking)

The snap happened because the lock button got caught on the escutcheon sill while I attempted to unlock the car. The sill prevented the button to rise when I manually turned the key and instead of stopping I forced the key to turn further...(Ugh lesson learned :-x).

LH side RRC driver door replacements with the Chrome handle are a challenge to find. So instead I opted for the all black Disco handle.
(I heard you could switch out the handle plates on these handles, if so, does anyone know how to do this?)

But most importantly, How do I replace the door handle itself??

I've scoured the internet and haven't found any tips on how to change the actual handle itself.
I've found ways to adjust the handle, replacing springs, etc. but nothing on the handle assy.

I'd love any your tips on how to get this done.

I know how to remove the inside door panel.
But past that I need further guidance!

Todo list:
Remove broken handle
Switch chrome handle from broken assy to Disco handle assy (if possible)
Install functioning door handle
re-key tumbler to match other locks.

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Once you have the inner card off you should be able to see the back of the handle. I know that the handle for the rear door had two metal bars bolted to the back of the handle which kept it inside the door. Once I took those 4 nuts and 2 metal brackets off, the handle came right out from the outside.

Of course there are the linkages that need disconnected. On the rear door it was just a single linkage with a little lock that you unclip from the bar and rotate out of the way. It will fall off once you pull the linkage out of the handle so be careful not to lose it.

That was a rear door on a 95 but I'd imagine that a front door would be similar. Possibly just an extra wiring connector.
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