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93' RRC LWB - New to Forum

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Hi folks,

I'm a long time lurker, first time registerer (sp?). Anyway I reside in Saskatchewan, Canada a great place to own a RRC. I have had a Disco 1 and I currently also have a 63' Series 2A. I am by no means a competant mechanic just a backyard tinker with lots of tools and some times good luck.

I have had my RRC for a couple years and I love it but for awhile now, I have had the typical low idle in gear when hot issue. Recently though I have been hearing intermittent whistling when it's been rev'd and when the engine is warm (and I mean after it sat all night and the temp in mid-afteroon is quite hot) it starts fine but once started the idle seems to drop to almost nothing and nearly stalls. I can put my foot on the accelerator and still get power though.

Usually when it starts cold, it revs up to about 1200 then settles to about 500-600ish till the engine is warm then I get the low idle (but not complete stalling).

I have searched the forum and found great info and have down quite a few of the items and checks but I can't seem to narrow this down. The whistling type sound seems to be coming from under the hood (pretty sure) and I can't seem to locate any plenum leaks.

Any tips or hints would be appreciated.

I have:
new plugs and wires
new and recently cleaned IAC (GM part)
new vacuum lines

I have coming:
new cap and rotor



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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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