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93 LWB blinkers will not work

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Just purchased my second Range Rover a 93 LWB that had no blinkers. Following the purchase and bringing the Rover home I found out that also the rear windows will not work and also the side mirror motor is not working. Went through all areas of the Rover to try and fix but with no luck..... I brought it to a local dealership and they said it would be no problem, but they just called and said they can not fix! I spent all this money to purchase a old Rover and now have an old Rover i can not drive.. Anyone know what could be the cause or a place I can take it to so they could fix ... I live in Florida and need some help... Thanks Rover in need....
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38wolek said:
Went through all areas of the Rover to try and fix but with no luck.....
Can you expand on that a bit? Were you tracing voltage/current through various stages of the circuit? What did you find?

I can't believe this isn't something that a monkey with a multimeter couldn't find - I very much doubt whether the dealer even bothered to look at it for more than 5 mins.

If you're not familiar with electrics, just find an auto electrician.
Obviously you checked the fuse first, right? I had the same problem - and replaced fuse #13 (89 RRC SWB), a $3 fix.
I think they are confusing can not fix, with will not fix. Like Danny said.
I brought the Rover to a local mechanic and with in an hour he found the problem under the dash. It seems to be that a previous owner did some wiring work under the dash for the fog lamps. Safe to say the problems solved and the Rover is back on the road. Oooops spoke to soon , Rover just died in the parking lot at the local shopping center. No sound , lights or power at all. I guess this is the life of a Rover owner. Keep you posted!
Just got the call from the mechanic, the alternator is toast. That makes two visits to the mechanic since my purchase of the Rover.I guess this will be a long relationship with my mechanic.... Now all I have to repair is head gasket, all air bags, power steering lines and some oil lines as well, that should take me over the 2,500.00 mark .. Well I will keep fixing and working to keep my Rover on the road and It will all be good in the End! Keep you updated....
Man, i don't know who you guys get your rovers from! Mine's only had a few problems here and there, that with the help of these forums i've been able to fix everything to work properly, and be road worth and my daily driver. I think i've spent maybe $300.00 on it total and i've had it for almost a year.
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