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'92 Heater Core

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I am in the middle of replacing the heater core and heater fan on my wife's '92 RRC. Blower motor was expensive, but went fine. I'm having problems with the heater core though. I've purchased 2 non-OEM cores from well-known Rover specialists but they don't fit. The corners on the non-OEM core end caps are much squarer than the OEM one I'm replacing and because of this they didn't fit into the heater box because it is moulded to be a tight fit against the rounder corners of the OEM end caps.

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the OMG, I mean OEM one from Rovers North. They didn't have in stock and after contacting Land Rover UK were told they don't have any either - not available.

Has anyone purchased and installed a non-OEM core recently? The old one leaks so I can't just throw it back in. Both the ones I've tried were made in UK and close, but just didn't work when trying to get the heater box back together. I haven't tried the Proline one from Rovers North yet.

I'm thinking because of the plastic end caps this isn't something a radiator shop is going to be able to fix either - but let me know if you've had luck there instead.

Thanks in advance!
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I just did this job and it took me 12 hours I think, but worth it to have heat. I believe mine was a non-OEM core (It was already purchased and not installed when I bought the truck) and it also did not fit well in the heater box, which by the way to commiserate is a POS to reasseble with all of those bloody flaps flipping around.

I did a little scraping to the inside of the box to no effect, and then resorted to a little bending/banging and filing on the new part until it fit close enough to get the whole thing to at least close within acceptable tollarences for me, and then I used Duct tape to secure the casing and then put together all of the rest of the connectors. I have had no issues and it has been about 3 months now. I did not replace the fan motor, as I probably should have, but gave it a drop of oil at the end joints as instructed in another post. I hope that wasn't foolish, but it works perfectly.

Also of great issue was connecting the heater lines in the engine compartment firewall to the back of the core once installed. I bought new heater lines. Consider connecting them before reinserting into the car and threading them, with assistance, through the firewall. It was almost impossible to access those hoses with only about 1 inch of clearance to the back of the motor.

Good luck. This is good work to do with a friend and refreshments.
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Thanks for the feedback/confirmation - at least I know I'm not completely crazy...

Yes, familiar with the heater hose connections from replacing those hoses last year as preventative maintenance. Good suggestion on attaching first, I'll try that out.
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