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92 classic little heat

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almost doen working on the range rover for now as she will be going to be going to aurora CO in a cpl days for my new base.. anyways last thing on my list to fix before i go which is very important is heat..

the blowers work but they blow no to little heat.. i replaced the thermostat and i flushed out the heater core the other day and got a very very little bit more heat so with doing research im assuming that i have air in the cooling lines..

any suggestions in if im right and also how to get all the air out..

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Having a similar problem in my 1990 swb. Check to see if your fascia vents blow hard when in the A/C setting. I'm pretty sure its electrical and in the contacts somewhere. Who knows though, I've got an ongoing thread on the issue so check it out to see if you can find anything else out. BTW, who needs heat in Colorado? I'm living in the high country with minimal/broken heat in my RRC!
Did you reverse flush the core?
Garden hose clipped on and run for about half hour usually does it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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