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2018 Velar R-Drynamic HSE P380
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Hi guys my 90k service is coming up in Jan. I'll have about 82k on the truck. The dealer has serviced the truck since new and they have always done a good job and have been fair in pricing. Besides what is described in the 90k service what other things should I do as a preventive measure. Truck has been running fine.

1. I have read in other posts that maybe changing the spark plugs at 90k rather than 105k service is good. Anyone have thoughts on that? or anyone had a bad experience keeping the plugs in until 105k service?

2. Induction service- I know if was recommended for the old 4.4 engines. but my 2010 is the 5.0 directed injection engine. Should I get done at the 90k? Is it even helpful for this engine ..how much would that run at the dealership?

3. Should I change PCV Value and Iginition Capitator at the 90k?

thanks in advance for your advice
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