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My 1990 has had it's charge light on since i bought it last year, had the alternator checked/cleaned by my local guy (who laughed when i brought it to him - lucas)... anyway, apart from being dirty it tested ok, and when i put it back on the rrc the idiot light is dim at idle, but by 1500rpm is fully bright, BUT when i put my tester on the alternator i get 14.2 volts at idle, and the tester shows 14.1 at the battery... so i take it that it is charging.

Battery tests good on my load tester.

Just a note, but i use the rangie off road only, who need a quad or side by side when you can ride in luxury... ol red gets used for checking fences and cattle and field scouting on a farm. The downside is lots of short journeys, start stop type stuff...
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