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2018 Velar R-Drynamic HSE P380
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Hello Everyone

Just did the 9 year/135,000 mile service. I have a 2010 RRS HSE that I bought new. It currently has 110k miles on it. I always do my yearly service in Jan and always at the dealership I bought it from. Overall 2018 was a good year for the truck. It ran strong and I only had to take it to the shop once for service outside my yearly.

So the 9year/135k service turned up no issues with the truck and the total cost was $727.38 which includes a $35 state inspection sticker,taxes and it also includes a $100 off service coupon.

The only other service in 2018 was in October, I heard squealing coming from the rear of the truck. It turns out I had the rear pads where sticking in the carrier. The shop removed the pads and cleaned the carrier. That service was $280.00 A curious result happened after they fixed this. For the last couple of years I've had issues with my brakes going out of round and causing the steering wheel to vibrate everytime I hit the brakes. The truck has been in/out of the shop,new pads rotors,brake fluid,hoses etc..you can see all my other posts on this issue. The last time my truck was in the shop for this issue it spend 2 months there while they tried to figure out the issue. Just an FYI all these services were covered under my extended warranty and the dealership always provided me with a loaner.

My truck started to have issues again with the steering wheel vibration in the spring of 2018. It wasnt bad enough where I wanted to take it in and I was also out of warranty. However after they fixed the sticking rear pads this issue went away and it hasnt come back.

I don't know what to make of it...but Im happy the truck doesnt have a shake anymore when I brake.

My next service will be the big 10year/150k and I know it will be expensive. Just to change the Auto/trans oil will alone be around $1200. So I have the next year to decide if I want to get a new vehicle or stick with my Rover.
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