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5am doesnt start... 1pm starts....WTF?!

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Yesterday at 5am, I went out to start my 92 RRC. The motor turned over just fine and the battery seemed very strong. However, it simply would not start. I attempted three different times between 5-530am and nothing. So I drive the p/u to work and come home during my lunch break to try to figure things out. I sit in the seat, turn the ignition and it starts right up like nothing ever happened.

Today, I get in at 5am, try to start it and very same problem as yesterday. It turns over like a champ – but does not start. Again, I tried three times, nothing.

It is chilly here in the morning but not below 55 degrees or anything.

Any ideas???
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I agree, I need to do a little testing to provide more details. I just didnt have the time this morning. Will play with the beast when I get home later to see what we have.
LOL....nice! Well, it wouldnt start at all when I got home (unlike the previous day). She still turns over like nothing is wrong...but it just wont get'r running. Funny, that sounds just like the x wife......
I was just chatting with my wife a few minutes ago. She mentioned that the last time she filled the tank up....it overflowed (from the actual tank and not the tube). I climbed under it and sure enough, there is a clean spot from recent fuel running down the side. I just cannot tell if it originated at the seam of the tank (approximately half a tank level) or at the top (possibly fuel pump?).

Could this have anything to do with it??
so this morning, i had my wife jump in the driver's seat and turn the ignition to the point that one should hear a fuel pump kick in. I heard absolutely nothing. Of course it was 5am again so I couldnt climb under it to get a closer look. When we get home this afternoon, I will have her clean out the back so I can pull the carpet up and take a look through the cover there. We may have figured this thing out (fingers crossed) but that is to be seen in a few hours....
So....the fuel pump does in fact make a sound.
the only fuel related issue that i could see yesterday, with the few remaining moments of daylight, is that the fuel vent line is split in half. this is likely where the fuel came from when my wife said it overflowed and spilled from somewhere the other day.

i guess my question now is, can a broke vent hose cause the engine to not start??
this *&% thing is driving me crazy. i called the mechanic, had him come look at the vehicle and dont you know this thing started right up. he is going to check out the issues though so hopefully he can identify the issue. thanks for the help guys!
remove the filler cap and listen? how would i hear anything any different from listening to it from the access cover inside the vehicle? please clarify so i am sure that i understand your advice.
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