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5am doesnt start... 1pm starts....WTF?!

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Yesterday at 5am, I went out to start my 92 RRC. The motor turned over just fine and the battery seemed very strong. However, it simply would not start. I attempted three different times between 5-530am and nothing. So I drive the p/u to work and come home during my lunch break to try to figure things out. I sit in the seat, turn the ignition and it starts right up like nothing ever happened.

Today, I get in at 5am, try to start it and very same problem as yesterday. It turns over like a champ – but does not start. Again, I tried three times, nothing.

It is chilly here in the morning but not below 55 degrees or anything.

Any ideas???
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Did the rover stay out late drinking the night before?? :lol: I know I don't start well on the morning after!!
Remember that just because the pump is running doesn't mean it is creating enough pressure. I would check the pressure at the fuel rail to see if it is working well enough.
My pump was running just fine but was only able to create about 10 PSI. After I replaced it the Rover ran great.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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