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5am doesnt start... 1pm starts....WTF?!

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Yesterday at 5am, I went out to start my 92 RRC. The motor turned over just fine and the battery seemed very strong. However, it simply would not start. I attempted three different times between 5-530am and nothing. So I drive the p/u to work and come home during my lunch break to try to figure things out. I sit in the seat, turn the ignition and it starts right up like nothing ever happened.

Today, I get in at 5am, try to start it and very same problem as yesterday. It turns over like a champ – but does not start. Again, I tried three times, nothing.

It is chilly here in the morning but not below 55 degrees or anything.

Any ideas???
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take the fillercap off and have a listen, should hear the pump if it works
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