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I recently purchased a 2011 full size 5.0 SC with 80k miles that is in good condition with a fair amount of service history. Within the past 10k miles the timing chains, guides and water pump were replaced along with some other little bits such as sway bar end links.

My biggest worry is having the vehicle strand me somewhere, like on the side of a country road in the winter or as I am rushing to catch a flight! If I am willing to proactively spend some money on preventative measures what are the common weak points that should be considered? After some research these are some items I have pinpointed.

Fuel Pump
Starter button
Brake pedal position switch

Your feedback would be appreciated :p

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In 15 years of RR ownership, I've never had any of the items in your list fail. What I have had fail and have left us needing a call out is:
1. Coolant hose blowing off - repaired with a big jubilee clip (replace all hoses if you're in any doubt as to their condition).
2. Water pump failure. Not much could be done about this - there was no indication the failure was pending - the bearing just went. You know this has been done, so should be fine.

And that's it - hope this helps!
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