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Oups :doh: I did it again..... at least that's one of Britney's song.... well I don't make many mistakes, but this one was a MAJOR mistakes.

Bought and changed all 5 dampers some time ago - and have had all kinds of noises in the undercarriage ever since - and the car would only raise it self to the max level after a veeeeery :cry: long time..... had a look at my friends RR P38 (he has the same dampers) and oups!!!!! I somehow switched the numbers and mounted the rear ones at the front and vice versa...... Yesterday I put them in the right place - and the car now corners like a Stinger missile!!!!! ish.....

fitted Blue Polybush instead of the original rubber bushes at the dampers and all kinds of noises etc are now completely gone!!! Yehaaaa!!!! :dance:

Have looked at the bushes and everything else under the car - taken things apart but nevet thought that such a stupid mistak could happen - well it did and now I've corrected it - and LOVE my car again!!!! :p

So Monroe 8644 are for the front axle and 8645 are for the rear axle!!!! and they give the car the suspension it should have had from the beginning!

Ferdinand - that feels like I got a new car again!!!
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