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4.6 Callaway engine in 4.6 HSE

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I just picked up a 98 HSE with a bad motor on Thursday. I just picked up a 4.6 from a '99 Callaway today. I know the top end is different, but what do I need to run it? I snagged the engine ECU and MAF, but the air intake tube and airbox were broken in half and missing. I also grabbed the transmission and transfer case. Other than a broken battery cover, and a single lug nut pressed into the mud, thats all that was left. I know the TCU is specific to this transmission, but unless it is located on the tranny itself, I do not have it.

I guess my question is, can I use the stock air intake tube and air box from the 98 4.6? Is it worth taking out the working (apparently) transmission and t-case for the Callaway stuff?

Thanks in advance.
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i'll try and find a pic of my engine. i have no doubt you caqn make it work. i will tell you the intake from the air box to the plenum is larger and carbon fiber. it had k&m stock (and still does in mine), and different compression and more ponies. if i remember correctly, you want the post '99 drivetrain to handle it, so make sure you're torgue bearing parts are in order. that's at the minimum. there are other items that need adjustment i believe...i'll see f i can find some info.
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