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4.6 Callaway engine in 4.6 HSE

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I just picked up a 98 HSE with a bad motor on Thursday. I just picked up a 4.6 from a '99 Callaway today. I know the top end is different, but what do I need to run it? I snagged the engine ECU and MAF, but the air intake tube and airbox were broken in half and missing. I also grabbed the transmission and transfer case. Other than a broken battery cover, and a single lug nut pressed into the mud, thats all that was left. I know the TCU is specific to this transmission, but unless it is located on the tranny itself, I do not have it.

I guess my question is, can I use the stock air intake tube and air box from the 98 4.6? Is it worth taking out the working (apparently) transmission and t-case for the Callaway stuff?

Thanks in advance.
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nickm347 said:
That's painful to look at. One upside is that it's one of the best pics I've seen showing the location of the crank position sensor! :)
nickm347 said:
Anyone know where this plug goes? Its on the part of the wiring harness, near the MAF plug, Purge Valve plug, Air Box sensor plug. Its blue and red, with a bit of grey. I had it labeled, but it was smeared with grease and I cannot read it anymore. I looked forever, and even had a friend look. Still cant fig it out. I check the RAVE for a wiring diagram, but if its in there I cannot find it. Even check the instructions to remove the harness. I may have overlooked it. Its a factory harness for the '98 4.6 HSE.

I took the time to label it, so I know it goes somehwere. These pics arent very good, but its the best I can do right now. If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
I've just looked under the bonnet on my '97 4.6 auto, starting at the end of the wire I have: airbox temp (in airbox lid); MAF; emissions purge valve; then it merges into the loom under the throttle body. I.e. I don't have a connector like anywhere near there... :?: :?: :?: :?
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