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4.6 Callaway engine in 4.6 HSE

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I just picked up a 98 HSE with a bad motor on Thursday. I just picked up a 4.6 from a '99 Callaway today. I know the top end is different, but what do I need to run it? I snagged the engine ECU and MAF, but the air intake tube and airbox were broken in half and missing. I also grabbed the transmission and transfer case. Other than a broken battery cover, and a single lug nut pressed into the mud, thats all that was left. I know the TCU is specific to this transmission, but unless it is located on the tranny itself, I do not have it.

I guess my question is, can I use the stock air intake tube and air box from the 98 4.6? Is it worth taking out the working (apparently) transmission and t-case for the Callaway stuff?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, you can use the stock air intake.

I can't remember off hand everything that made the callaway different... but IIRC it wasn't much more than a port and polish and a new map for the ECU..and exhaust.

I bet your current ecu would adapt to it just fine. It probably wouldn't pull all of the available power out of it, but I bet it would still be stronger than a standard 4.6. I'm sure someone with some actual experience or knowledge of the callaway will chime in, so in the meantime take what I say with a grain of salt...because I've been know to be full of it.

Nice find btw...
I'm not sure who else makes a cam besides RPI. You could probably have one custom made...but that might get a little pricey.
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