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4.4 V8 M62 need info from anyone on lpg

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Hi all.... I'm having a small ongoing issue with my LPG converstion and I've narrowed it down to the vapouriser. I think it isn't getting enough heat for a quick switch over. My switch over temp is up near 60 degrees any lower and I get stalling during warm up.
Can anyone out there tell me where their two coolant hoses have been plumbed into from the vaporiser?
One of my hoses is tee'd into the 1st coolant pipe into the bulk head (viewed from the left)
The second pipe is tee'd into a pipe which goes into the front of what looks like a mixer valve below the power steering reservoir.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know what temperature mine is set to switch over at, but it's around 1/3 on the gauge. I'll try and get a couple of photo's of where mine routes from this evening. All I know is it's off the heater pipes.

Do you have the pre-heater installed? If so there is an extra set of valves that may be upsetting the flow that wasn't taken into account when the conversion was done?

Hi Dan,

If you could get photos that would be great !! No pre-heater on mine.
I did notice something weird tonight when I was checking the coolant circuit. I was holding the top rad hose to feel it getting warm and it pulses. Feels weird, kinda like a heartbeat... Have no idea what the cause of that is.
With the engine off but the ignition on can you hear the aux heating pump? It's like a high pitched wine similar to a washer pump but quieter. This circulates water around the heater system which will be where the LPG is plumbed into.

The pulsing of the hose doesn't sound good, maybe some of the impellers have broken off of the water pump (they are plastic) Unfortunately you won't know until you take it off so you may want to save that till last.

I meant to get some pics last night but had to go out in the evening. I'll try and do some this eve for you.
I did listen out for a whining pump Dan but I don't think I heard one. I do hear a very high pitch what I can only describe as a beep. Almost sounds like an electronic component whistling away.
Hi Locky, Just been out to the garage to check where I plumbed my vapouriser into (3 years ago). There are 3 pipes which go through the bulkhead, "T" into the one on the right. For the other one "T" into the hose which goes to the back of the engine where the hose connects to "infamous" adaptor, which while you there may be worth changing.
I have set my change over temperature at 25 degrees and at this time of the year I am LPG within 1/4 of a mile of a cold start and have no problems when it changes over.

Thanks Stewart. Mine T's into that hose at the back of the engine. Which I noticed is weeping a bit (is that why its infamous?) and then the other t's into the 1st pipe into the bulk head. Maybe I should try connecting up to the right one then. Do you have any issues with engine lights or cutting out only in the winter?
Summer I can run a low switch over but in the winter I need to set it to almost 60 degrees. Otherwise my fuel trims just go +25 put the engine light on and the car cuts out. No problem with a high switch over temp. Thats kinda why I thought the vapourizer may not be getting the best coolant flow through it.
Locky, just to clarify the right hand hose as viewed from the drivers seat, or the one on the left looking into the engine bay nearest to the centre of the bulkhead.
I don't have any issues with LPG at all in the winter, just takes longer to change over, about a mile.
Ah ok.... Mines plumbed up the same as yours then Stewart. Hmmm I think I need to look elsewhere to see whats going on.
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