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4.2 swap into 92 classic, questions??

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Hey guys need some expertise, I swapped a 4.2 into my SWB classic(3.9). I was talking to a rover technician today about swapping this engine in my chassis. He started talking about a certain year 4.2, 4.6, or 4.0 that wouldnt work with the 3.9 transmission. If someone could confirm this bit of information that'd be awesome, the 4.2 came out of a 1994 LWB.I havent finished the swap yet, but i have bolted the torque converter to the flywheel and it seemed fine. He said there is a difference in the lenqth of the crank or something causing pressure problems with the transmission.
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I don't know. If you draw a blank here try this guy [email protected] he breaks alot of rovers and can probably tell you.
My 91 RRC has a 4.2 from a 94 LWB by OC Rovers.
There are no worries in your conversion. P38 and late classics differ a little but will still fit. If you put a 'Classic' engine in a 'classic' then no problem. The main thing with the later engines is in the oil pump drive and on P38 engines of course have no dizzy, but change the front cover for a classic serpentine one and away you go.
I have a P38 based 4.6(an a bit!) in my LSE went straight in.
awesome thanks guys I'll post an update once we get it driving, which will hopefully be soon!
front of crank is longer on 4.0 & 4.6, but even those are same in rear
Kewl project! Please take/post pics!
classicjack said:
front of crank is longer on 4.0 & 4.6, but even those are same in rear
Forgot about that :oops: I have a spacer in mine. It is longer to allow for the oil pump drive in the later serpentine engines before the question is asked.
Yep,I have 4.6 on my -92 RR Westminster :D
RR92 Westminster 4.6
-73 Rover P6 3500Efi
been fitting 4.6 lumps into classic since 1997 without any problems currently building one for my classic then will redo the lse as that is staying a bit more standard
My 4.6 short block was brand new..built with reconditioned 4.6 heads with efi systems from old 3.9 injection stuff..
RR92 Westminster 4.6
-73 Rover P6 3500Efi(manual 5 speed,aarghh)
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