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I blew a heater hose on my 4.2 LWB, and am going to replace ALL the cooling system hoses. I have a few questions regarding the liquids to replenish... :think:

1) my Rover parts supplier suggests redline Water Wetter: Check!

2) my Honda mechanic suggests Zerex anti-freeze, and drinking (NOT distilled) water, mixed 50/50

3) the Zerex website suggests their G-05 type, which comes already mixed 50/50 WITH distilled water (it appears anti-freeze nowadays comes only pre-mixed).

being an engineer, I am suffering from "paralysis by analysis", so I am presenting the issue to you experts in the hope that I might get some pertinent advice as to what to use! :?:

(I never had this question come up when I was running my 1965 corvair!)

My humble Thank You in anticipation of your assistance
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