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Chasing a problem on my 96.
The etc worked great in April on a trip, but now it seems to lock up the right wheel whenever it activates. The wheel frees up immediately when I stop.

What follows is the ability to do completely awesome circle work in the mud - but only if your turning right `).

Whilst its a novelty it's also a pain in the ....

The guide pins are free and smooth, and we flushed new fluid into the system but that hasn't fixed it.
There's no abs faults on the nanocom, and im getting clear and uniform speed readings up till 5mph.

Im thinking it may be a perished hose, dirty abs ring, or worn caliper seals/piston.
There was a lot of black suspended solids in the fluid from the right rear, so im leaning towards a hose.

Other than one post ive found after most of the afternoon searching, what are other peoples thoughts on this.

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Brake lines rusting internally? If there's solids in the fluid...

I had an MOT advisory for a slightly corroded rear brake line last year.. Got around to changing them last week, and one of them was practically rusted right through.

ABS issue... Have you checked the hub nut? As I just posted in the other thread on weird abs issues that a member on here (Spiggytopes) had strange ABS issues, and it just turned out to be a loose hub nut.

Other threads I've read in the past about random ABS activations have pointed towards checking the ABS tone/reluctor ring for cracks etc, as apparently they can also cause issues.


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