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3.9 EFI engine replaced 3.5 - hot idle problems

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Hi all. HELP after some advice!
A mate fitted a 3.9 '94 disco engine and auto tranny in my '87 Ranige after she died, he's very knowledgeable, but not on the EFI electrics so much. It has the full loom and computer for the 3.9. Ever since fitting it wont idle when once engine is up to operating temp. Once off idle the engine runs fine, although I reckon a bit rich (heavy on fuel) I've cleaned the stepper motor, dissy, sparkplugs, upped the idle a little, but still no good. I'm wondering if, because of the old cable driven speedo, there is no speed sensor, as this was removed to fit the cable unit, whether this is the cause of the problem? Anyone have any ideas on what to look for/at? I'm assuming its electrical. I replaced the water temp sensor for the EFI aslo. the only thing it doesnt have under the bonnet I can think of is the disco Charcol cannister. If anyone has done this mod before, or has some ideas, that would be great, before I give up and send her to the doctor and most likely part with lots of my hard earned!! :think:
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