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2nd order harmonic vibration on 2018 Velar 180D R-Dynamic SE

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Greetings. Newbie here, so please be kind `)
I got my 2018 Velar 180D R-Dynamic SE (diesel) about a week ago. I have taken the "maiden voyage" and put about 1000 miles on the clock. Overall the car handles and drives ok. I drove most of my life diesels. This VELAR is a bit different, and it seems a bit "forced" , but not very bad. However, I have felt a sort of a vibration at speeds between, 55 - 75 MPH. Again, not bad, but sure enough does not seems right. This could be the result of a 2nd harmonic vibration (mostly happening in 4 cyl. engines ).
I could be imagining this, but I doubt. Has anyone with a 180 D experienced anything similar ?
Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
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