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255/85R16 or 33/12.50R16

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Anyone running these sizes with a 3.5in lift? I want to go to a 33in tire but I dont want it to rub to bad. I know I will have to trim fenders but I want to make sure this isnt a helpless cause. 235/85R16 just arent big enough.

So what do you think? Any expirence?
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for real dude? I wouldnt even put 32"s on my truck without regearing
Yeah Im serious well regearing would be called for if this wasnt a overland vehicle. I am looking for added ground clearence, not rock crawling. If I regeared I would have to change axel shafts. Not worth it to me.

Ive seattled on 7.00 R16
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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