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22" Stormer Wheels/2005 HSE

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Hello -

I am considering putting on 22" Black Stormer replica wheels on my Black 2005 RR HSE. Does anyone have any pictures of a car with these wheels? Even a black RR with silver 22" Stormers would help me. Also, what size tires are recommended for optimal look/ride?

Lastly, any suggestions on where to get the best deal? I am in California.

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Check out the Yokohama range of rubber suitable for your potential 22 inch rims - as these are ideal for your West Side styl'in !

If driven a 22" wheel set riding Yoko's on an '02 HSE last year with amazing results on turn-in feel without effecting comfort.

Best to contact www.doetsch-shocks.com around the corner to replace your shocks as well to cope with the extra weight/loads ?
Not sure if your truck has dynamic stability response or not, so if you want additional performance handling do the roll bars too.


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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