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20203 Range Rover Sport First Edition P530 FOR SALE LOS ANGELES

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Hello friends,

Im Selling my 20203 Range Rover Sport First Edition P530. Im sure as you all know this is a very limited car and is extremely difficult to acquire.

Santorini Black on Cloud/Ebony
Red Brakes

Tow hitch
Black exterior Pack
Cold Climate pack
Cabin air purification pro
Laminated glass
Advanced Tow assist
Front Refrigerator compartment
23" wheels
Rear seat conv pack
Wheel protect pack
Emergency pack
Body colored Roof
Domestic Plug socket.

Sticker on the car was $127,565
Paid 25k mark up plus tax. ( I saw the other day someone posted a similar car new for $199k! Ridiculous)

I ordered this car nearly 2 years ago was one of the first to have it. I took delivery in January, immediately did a paint correction upon arrival and fully Ceramic coated (Ceramic Pro) the entire car inside and out.

Car is in Excellent Condition. I am a huge car guy so as you can imagine, this thing gets pampered more than my wife. (explains her filing for divorce lol). Broken in properly, Oil Changes at 1200 and
5000 Miles on the dot as of today.
Have the keys, original sticker, books etc.

Car also has prepaid service, and wheel tire Insurance.

The pics below are the original pics for reference.
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