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Hello Guys, I’m new to the Range Rover community.
im looking for some help in this issue. Ive recently just picked up a brand New Range Rover Supercharged 2020.
and as soon as i went to pick up my new car at Range Rover Freeport in Long Island. It has a light on the dashboard (attached picture).
its not a check engine but an information light saying the car needs to brought in to the repairer “still in service mode”. i Dont even have 100 miles on the car yet and no one can get the light off. Non of the technicians and i have tried countless times to reset the light buy having the hood open and holding down the peddles while electric is on Nothing works

the service at the dealer ship even tried disconnecting the battery and trying numerous things. While hooked up to a scan tool the car checks out perfectly with nothing wrong on the diagnostics. Very troubling the “i” light wont go off. And every time i start the car is says the same message.

FP Range Rover even shot the information to Land Rover UK and they have no idea. I’m extremely frustrated that my truck has this light and issue right off the beginning of my ownership. :\ if any one has anything information about this issue please help! Thanks guys!

Here are some pics of this beauty and the troubled light In the dashboard.


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With brand new model I doubt that anyone other than a certified tech can solve this issue. If you continue to get nowhere with the dealer Contact the corporate office in writing and inform them that you would like to open a formal service case because the dealer is unable to resolve your issue.. I don't have easy access to a phone number, perhaps a member seeing this has one. Their contact info is

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
100 Jaguar Land Rover Way
Mahwah, NJ 07495
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