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2019 SVR ordered

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Dealer called me last night to do it over the phone. Doesn’t sound like there is too much change from 2018.
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I'm going to order a '19 too but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I liked the SVR but not the sport bucket seats (concerned about long drive comfort). Probably going to get an ATB and then maybe aftermarket tune it. What colors and options did you get? I am still waiting to hear if they're going to do SVO paints again. Really liked the Flux Silver Metallic but may have to settle for Silicon Silver or Corris Gray.
I went with balmoral blue over cirrus/ black, black wheels and the drive assist package. I didn’t get the exterior cf, but did get it inside. Also got the towing setup. It’s pretty much the same order I placed last November, but that was taking too long to justify still getting a 2018.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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