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Afternoon all!! Bought a 2019 Rover last night, and when I pulled off the lot everything appeared to be "pixilated" (for lack of a better term) as I stared out the windshield...Looks a little odd, is this due to the heated windshield option? or any other theories out there? THANKS

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It’s the windshield. It may appear odd at first but after a bit of time you won’t even notice it.

Enjoy the the new ride.
The wires are so tiny most people don't even notice them. If you have the solar attenuating film on the inside that could be causing it. Far more people have complained about the solar film because it also messes with radar devices unless your mount exactly in the cutouts
Maybe. You can see the little wires if you look closely enough. Usually when I drive a loaner with a heated windshield I don’t notice for the first bit, but once I notice them I can’t unsee them.
I notice it most at night, stop lights/oncoming lights and when the sun is shining at an angle. It hits the wires and makes it very noticeable to me. You will get used to it, but I would leave it off my order in the future.
I ordered mine back in September and was awaiting deliver but in the meantime i had to bring in my f pace for service and was given an e pace loaner that had it and I began to panic because it was making me nauseous at all times and driving at night was horrible every light was a big starburst. I began to realize that one of my big problems was that i wear only one contact, one for seeing distance and the one without is to see close. distance and the angle of the glass cause me focal problems beside i thing the angle of the e and f pace windshield are greater than that of the range rovers which is why it causes more light distortion.

I was relieved when i picked up my new rrs to find out that the focal problem i was having was not there and the light distortion was not all that bad, Thats not to say that you dont see some but it could be so much worse. It is definitely something that you could and probably will get used to so i would not be too concerned.
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You get used to it, I notice the wires for the heated windscreen on sunny days but I can unsee it usually. Just sometimes if I stop at a traffice light I start to see it but it goes quickly when you focus on the road.
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