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I am in the process of placing an order on a 2019 LWB Range Rower SC - Yulong White exterior with Ebony interior. I opted for the black design package since I like the look of the the all white with black roof, black siding and black wheels.

However, I am running into issues with the wheels. The salesperson says she cannot substitute the style 9012 22" gloss black finish 9 split spoke wheels with the style 7007 22" 7 split spoke wheels. There are supposedly only two options with the black design package for wheels and with the custom build I am limited to selecting from either of the two, there are no exceptions. Her recommendation is to pay approximately $9k extra when the car comes in to buy the style 7007 wheels and have them gloss black. Which is utterly ridiculous.

Any of you dealt with this in the past? Any recommendations .
Correct. Per the order sheet, the 032EI Black Exterior Package requires either the 21" gloss black 9001 wheel or 22" gloss black 9012 wheel.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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