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2018 SVR (exhaust, tune, wrap, spacers?)

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Just added a 2018 SVR along side my ATB full size. Loving this thing.

I am thinking about doing straight mid pipes and removing the resonator. I was told by my friend who owns a 2017 SVR that it increases the crackles/pops quite a bit. However, will it be excessively louder?

Also, in terms of a tune .. I haven’t been able to find one for the 2018. Can someone please advise me of a quality tuner who has one? Undetectable would be preferred, but open to all.

Also for “spacers” on Range Rover sport, does anyone have any photos of the stance difference? Is it worth doing on an SVR?

And quick question for you petrol heads ... what colour should I wrap this SVR? Interior is red .. exterior is white with black alloys/carbon trims. Maybe satin dark grey?
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If you replace the midpipes, yes, it's just going to be louder, and not necessarily better...I had a 2016 and it was actually louder than my new 18 but I prefer the tone of the 18 as it is just given that its already loud enough that you get significant noise in the cabin cruising. If you want, soul performance does make 200 cel cat downpipes that will probably add a couple hp...but I hate messing with the exhaust on these as there is a LOT of pressure and heat going there (this application especially) and anything that isn't really really really well thought out could end up with some negative effect, though Im always overly cautious. As far as a tune...given the electronics already in the MY18...not sure if there is anyone I'd trust for reliable yet.

The spacers are awesome though, I do 40mm startech (thats 40mm per Axel, not wheel) and it pushes the wheels out perfectly, it's 100 percent worth doing on these and I've never had bad experiences with them. As far as a wrap, love the idea of dark satin grey! Just my .02...
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