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In my 2014 RRS, reverse traffic detection detected cars coming from left and right in a parking lot as I was backing out of a parking spot. The system had an audible sound (fast beep) and showed a big red triangle on the side of the camera screen where the approaching car was coming from.

My 2017 HSE Dynamic has reverse traffic detection, but none of the above happen. I've never heard any beeps or seen any warnings on the screen (either the little screen that comes on if I hit reverse before the LR warning clears, or the full reverse camera screen with the car and guides on the side). I was beginning to wonder if my car even had the option. But I just looked at the window sticker and indeed it has it.

I have noticed that the camera screen has a speaker with an X on it. I've touched it several times and nothing ever happens.

Can anyone shed some light on how reverse traffic detection works on MY17 to see if mine is malfunctioning?


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