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I just purchased a 2016 RRS and could use some help/advice around playing music via USB. I have my iPhone connected via bluetooth and connected through USB. I am able to play/stream music via USB through my iPhone without issue. However, I don't have enough capacity on my iPhone for all of my music and would like to connect a second device to play music via USB. My original thought was to use an old iPhone and have it just as a music player. Did that, connected via USB but it wasn't recognized as a USB music player. Thought I could disconnect my actual phone from USB and stream music via Bluetooth and use the second iPhone as a USB device - that didn't work either as it will only allow one Apple device for music.

So...what are my options? USB stick? Portable HD? Any way that I can have two Apple devices connected? (Don't want to use the Aux cable for the second iPhone as I'd like to be able to use the control panel to select music)

Thanks in advance!
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