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Hello everyone, after purchasing a 2012 evoque recently i realised that the car came with halogen bulbs as lowbeams. Visibility at night was horrible and having driven Xenon, HID and LED lights everyone knows this is a night and day difference. So i decided i needed at LEAST Xenon-HID lights for night time driving. The easy way was to buy a cheap HID kit on amazon (40-80$) and install it in the headlight, but usually the projector beam is not that great on an halogen headlight (at least from years of testing this method on various cars).

Finally i decided to pickup a set of used Varroc north american headlights from a 2016 RR L538. Found 2 headlights on ebay for roughly 200$ each plus shipping, they both had a cracked lens due to an accident and broken tabs. I did not care since i wanted to buy brand new lenses on aliexpress or ebay to replace them anyways (and also install a PPF on them to keep them new looking for a long time)

So i took the lenses off and started browsing the net and the forums to see if anyone ever retrofitted those headlights into a 2012 Evoque. To my surprise i barely found any information, i found some usefull pinout info for the connectors of a 2012 and 2016 and 2018 model but thats about it. I even reached out to RDCUSTOM in the UK but they would not sell me their LED driver to control the DRL LED STRIP. And they wanted around 2000$ to do the conversion and i had to ship my headlights from Canada to the UK back and forth ($$$). Having a background in IT and Electro-Mecanic i figured it cannot be that hard to figure out how to get those headlights working again.

So enough with the history lesson here is the DIY if you got time on your hands and the skills to do it at home.
I will try to put as much information as i could here, i may forget some things but i will go back and edit the post until the instructions are complete and clear.

*EDIT: If anyone with better electronic board design skills wanna comment on making this project better, please chime in as it could help others as well.

The information below is purely informational and i cannot be held responsible for any damages or incidents if you choose to go this route. Enough with the legal stuff lets get to it. 😎

Tools Needed:
1- An Oven (hopefully everyone has this at home) Ideally big enough to cook the headlight in the vertical position when sitting on the lower shelf
2- Torx screwdrivers (T10 or T15) to unscrew the components inside the headlight
3- some wire strippers or cutters
4- a pick and hook set (for pinout purposes)
5- a few different size FLA T screwdrivers (to pry open the lenses)
6- A soldering iron (any kind) Optional : A hot air soldering station
7- OPTIONAL : a computer running windows 10 and a JLR Mongoose cable and software

What you need to buy: Prices in USD approx
1- 2 x Boost Converter Module, DC to DC Voltage Regulator Step Up Converter Electrical Supply Module 3-35V to 5V-45V 5A for DIY Charger Large Power Module (thats the amazon description) 10$ each, total 20$
2- 2 PCB boards Prototype type (to install the boost converter module) 2$ each, total 4$
3- 8 Rational 40.03.756 Standoff/Pin, Control Board Mounting, Plastic (to install the booster on the prototype board) 1-2$ max
4- Polyurethane tube (windshield glue) or Morimoto butyl headlight sealing tape (cleanest option) Price: between 25-45$ but you will have alot left over, you could easily do 4-6 headlight sealing with that.
5- Optional : JLR Mongoose cable and software 40-80$
6- Optional : New plastic lenses 80-130$ each if you want to get new lenses
7- Optional : PPF protective film for both headlights and fog lights 60-80$

Total project price: around 70$
Optional costs if we get 5-6-7 : another 300-400$ extra
Obviously you have to factor the headlight purchases wether online or at a scrap yard, i got lucky picking up 2 used damaged headlights for around 500$ the pair.

At the end of the day if you factor everything you'll be in this project about 1000$ and about 8 hours of labor or so to get everything done and working. Considering these headlights retail for about 2000$ each at the dealer i think its a pretty good compromise.

Time approx to get it done:
1st headlight : about 3-4 hours if you take your time and go slow
2nd headlight : about 1.5 hour (the 2nd is always faster to do)
Car programming if needed : Maybe 1 hour max

DIY Tutorial with pictures and descriptions below:

1- here is a picture of the ugly lights that came with the Evoque: they need to be removed at the end (duh!)
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting
Automotive tire Tire Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Tread

There is a video on youtube on how to remove these headlights the lazy way (which i used) however this will damage slightly the bumper but its an area hidden under the headlight so damage will never show from outside the car. The correct way to remove the healights is to remove the front bumper cover completely. Headlights are held by 2 x 10mm bolts. once removed there is a lever in the back of the headlight to release the locking pins under the headlight, its the only way to pull the headlight forward.

2 - New headlights used in this project: Varroc OEM Range Rover headlights
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Automotive parking light Grille
Font Automotive tire Reflex camera Bumper Auto part

3- Removing the lens from the headlight shell:
Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Bumper

In this step you need to insert the headlight in full (including ballast and everything) into the oven.
Important: use a silicone sheet or a piece of wood to make sure the headlight doesnt melt on the grills (super imporant)
Cooking time i used is 275 degrees for 10 minutes, if its still too hard to pull you can do 12-14 minutes.
Some people do 200 or 250 or 350 degrees, but its relative, 350 would need to stay maximum 5 minutes to avoid damages, i find the sweet spot was 275 degrees for 10-14 minutes approx.
When done cooking you'll need gloves, something thing like winter gloves or oven mitts, thee headlight will be hot and you can get burned if you use your bare hands.
The trick is to pull the headlight out of the over and right away use flat screwdrivers to pry the casing where the lens and the shell bonded together, you will need some elbow grease to pull the lens out of the shell. If you are planing to use new lenses like i did it wont matter if you damage the old lens, however you could save them but removing them gently and re-sealing them at the end. lots of youtube videos on how to open sealed headlights.

4- Gutting the inside of the headlight
Hood Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper
Motor vehicle Hood Light Automotive design Bumper
Hood Office equipment Computer hardware Electronic engineering Technology
Space bar Circuit component Office equipment Electronic instrument Input device

As you can see now is the time to remove all the components inside the headlight, using a torx scredriver you will find 4 or 5 screws that are holding the LED strip to the shell, once removed the LED driver will come off with thewiring and LED strip. You can go ahead and cut all the wires next to the led driver connectors (black and white) you will use my pinout list in the next few steps to rewire everything.

Next Steps will be done in another thread, i can only upload 10 pictures as it seems, i have about 35 pics to upload.

Unless an admin can unlock uploading more pics i will create multiple threads probably 3 more.
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