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2015 RRS Supercharged Limited Edition?

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Hi all - I am trying to find information on the SC limited edition. I bought a CPO 2015 SC LE model a few months ago from a LR dealer and it didnt have a window sticker. Given that it is definitely more unique (22" wheels, blacked out, dynamic package, etc) we fell in love and took the plunge on the spot. I've had some things change and now looking at selling it, but having a hard time figuring out the details and most importantly getting proper window sticker/msrp details to show the higher $$ and warrant asking a higher price. I came up short getting any useful info from the LR dealer but scouring the internet i have found that there is such as thing as the "limited edition" and they produced ~400 of them in total of which I own one, but no luck on any sticker details. Anyone have any info or suggestions?
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Here's a couple pics of my 2015 SC LE mentioned above for reference. Such a beautiful (and fast) rrs I hate to contemplate getting rid of it.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Range rover Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Rim

Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Tire
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Ask the dealer using your VIN. Not sure they came up with an LE model. Is that a regional dealer add-on?
... scouring the internet i have found that there is such as thing as the "limited edition" and they produced ~400 of them...
From which source did you find this info? Have a link to share?
From which source did you find this info? Have a link to share?
Not the best source by any means, but I found it by scouring google images that then landed me on an old ad where someone was selling it back when it was new. http://veh-markets.com/cars/land-ro...-supercharged-suv-50l-v8-limited-edition.html

I also show it when i do a search on the vin on vindecoderz.com it labels it as a Supercharged Limited Edition:

Name:Land Rover
Name:Range Rover Sport
Name:Ffv 5.0
Compression Ratio:9.5
Fuel Type:flex-fuel (premium unleaded required/E85)
Total Valves:32
Manufacturer Engine Code:SQVH
Type:flex-fuel (FFV)
Compressor Type:supercharger
Timing:variable valve timing
Gear:double overhead camshaft
Automatic Type:Shiftable automatic
Transmission Type:AUTOMATIC
Number Of Speeds:8
Driven Wheels:four wheel drive
Num Of Doors:4
Name:Wheel Lock Pack
Description:Chrome wheel locks; Range Rover logo license plate frame
Name:Protection Pack
Description:Rubber floor mats; Cargo mat; Collapsible cargo carrier
Name:Santorini Black Metallic
Name:Santorini Black
Category:Interior Trim
Name:Grand Black Lacquer Wood
Manufacturer Code:SCBV
Market:Flex Fuel,Luxury,High-Performance
E P A Class:Sport Utility Vehicles
Vehicle Size:Midsize
Primary Body Type:SUV
Vehicle Style:4dr SUV
Vehicle Type:SUV
Name:Supercharged Limited Edition 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl S/C 8A)
Model Name:Range Rover Sport SUV
Trim:Supercharged Limited Edition
Name:Supercharged 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl S/C 8A)
Model Name:Range Rover Sport SUV
Matching Type:SQUISHVIN
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If I remember correctly the special edition was limited to 400 models and was special because it was the only way at the time to get the stealth pack and those black rims in the US. LR picked common option packages and made them standard like the 825W stereo so there were no choices to make really.

Ovalnews has the bulletin for the full size limited editions from 2015, I remember seeing one for the Sport but can't find it currently. I know they made an HSE limited edition as well in white and at the time the big deal with that one was it came with the TFT screen in the V6 trim and special wheels.
Oh wait..I just found some info on this forum with a good attachment. http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/43-range-rover-sport-ii-l494/138377-2015-rrs-limited-edition.html

Production Volume: 400 unitsIncludes all standard Range Rover Sport Supercharged features plus the following content: Santorini Black Exterioro Ebony / Lunar Interior with Ebony Seats, Ebony Headliner Grand Black Lacquer Wood Trim Premium Carpet Mats Noble Paddle Shifters Dynamic Package – Includes the following: TFT Virtual Instrument Display, Stainless Steel Pedals, Red20” Brembo® Brake Calipers, Red SPORT badge on tailgate, and Performance Enhancement – TopSpeed increased to 155 mph Stealth Effect Exterior Trim – Includes the following exteriorcomponents in satin black:eek: Front Grille and Surroundo Front Fog Lamp Bezelso Hood and Fender Ventso Front & Rear Tow Eye Covero Mirror Capso Tailgate Plintho Exterior Accentso ‘Range Rover’ Branding on Hood and Tailgateo Headlamps and Tail lamps with “smoked effect” finish on allnon-reflective surfaces Black 22" Style 508 Wheels Luxury Climate Comfort and Visibility Package Meridian™ Premium 825 Watt Surround Sound System with 19 Speakers including subwoofer InControl™ Apps 2015 Model Year: Supercharged Limited Edition Destination & Delivery MSRP *Range Rover 5.0L V8 Supercharged (SCBV/350NF) $925 $79,995Range Rover 5.0L V8 Supercharged Limited Edition (SCBV/350NC) $925 $92,495* This pricing does NOT include $925 destination and delivery charge.Red highlighted items are new for 2015MYAdditional Features with Limited Edition Specification Vista Codes MSRPSantorini Black Exterior 074PG $12,500Ebony / Lunar Interior with Ebony Seats, Morzine Ebony Headliner and Grand Black Lacquer Wood Trim 22" 5 Split SpokeWheels - Style 508 with Satin Black Finish and Black Wheel NutsStealth Effect Exterior Trim - Includes the following components in Satin Black:Hood & Fender Vents, Mirror Caps, Front & Rear Tow Eye Covers, 'Range Rover' Branding on Tailgate & Hood, TailgateFinisher, Fog Lamp Bezels, & Exterior Accents, Front Grille & Grille Surround,Headlamps & Tail lamps with “smoked effect” finish on all non-reflective surfaces. Tail lamps with clear lenses (except side indicator).Luxury Climate Comfort and Visibility Package - Includes Climate Front & Rear Seats (heated & cooled),Heated Steering Wheel & Windshield, 4 Zone Climate Control, Front Cooler Box, 16 Way Driver/Passenger Power Front Seats,Adaptive Headlights with High Beam Assist (AHBA), Auto Dimming Exterior Mirrors, Split 60/40 folding rear seat with load through facility, Blind SpotMonitor with Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic DetectionDynamic Package - Includes the following:TFT Virtual Instrument Display, Stainless Steel Gas and Brake Pedals, Front & Rear Premium Carpet Mats, Noble Plated Paddle Shifters Red 20"Brembo® Brake Calipers, Red SPORT badge on tailgate, Performance Enhancement – Top speed increased to 155 mphMeridian™ Premium Surround Sound System with 825 Watts and 19 Speakers including Subwoofer & InContro™l Apps
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Is that from a .pdf from a single post member? I remember trying to get him to expand on details since the .pdf looked rather like a hokey Word document.
Is that from a .pdf from a single post member? I remember trying to get him to expand on details since the .pdf looked rather like a hokey Word document.
You're right it is that same post I think. Its spot on the money with what my vehicle came with and doing some more scouring I just ran across this one newly for sale that claims the limited edition with same stuff too. Super weird that the evidence (and my vin check) shows existence of the limited edition model, but not much information out there at all. https://www.landroverchantilly.com/detail.cfm?inventoryID=430341&NewUsed=0

I'm assuming the MSRP of ~93k is on point and that used one is going for ~70k which seems reasonable. Heck I may just keep it, I'm liking it more and more with each search and youtube clip I watch :)
Lots of problems in the info. Not sure whether the jaguar/landrover engines are variable valve timing and flex fuel capable.
Lots of problems in the info. Not sure whether the jaguar/landrover engines are (...) flex fuel capable.
This can get dangerous here so future readers, be careful:

from the online manual for '16 and newer: "Do not use E85 fuels with 85% ethanol content, as serious engine and fuel system damage will occur."

HOWEVER: the '15 manual says this:
"Certain vehicles are certified for use with E85(85% ethanol content) fuel. If the vehicle canuse E85 fuel, it will be stated on a label on theback of the fuel filler flap."

For example, my 2015 Supercharged full size *WAS* E85 compatible and it did have that label - so there definitely were a certain amount of cars capable of running on E85 without voiding the warranty. Absolutely 100% certainly not ALL vehicles put in production in North America we such vehicles.
unless you have the sticker: don't fill it with flex fuel.

Long story short: it's entirely possible that OP's '15 SC is flex-fuel compatible.
I've got a little further on my quest to get to the bottom of this as I spent the day at the LR dealer picking up after a routine maintenance. Got the original details printed out and it has a reference to a $9400 package (on top of the dynamic package already) called the 074PG V8S/C LE which seems like it would be the "Limited Edition" package of some sort. I'm not sure what the details of it are, but I also checked my fuel cap door and it says it CAN use E85 fuel.

Text Font Document Paper Paper product
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look here: http://cdn.ovalnews.com/pdf/mpr15-16.pdf
while it's the '16 MY bulletin, the price and the description match for 074PG

Thread here: http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/43...02-new-limited-edition-range-rover-sport.html
Starts with HSE but scroll down, there's the SC limited package detailed, too.

I found the '15 bulletin but this option was not listed in there - it might have been introduced later in the model year. Topix can give you the exact build date of the car I believe so you can check if my assumtion is right.
That would be the best L494. A well built fuel system that can stand E85!
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