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Hi, I am going through the exact same problem with my RRS15 HSE. I have done all the fixes as posted, the only issue i'm having is locating the fuse link? I have checked visually all the fuses related to the audio/info system in the rear right of the trunk/boot and see no issues. I am unable to locate a 40amp fuse though that is associated with the audio system. I see a diagram online that puts it in spot F50 F51 but shows only a 15amp fuse in that spot with F50 empty/NA. The manual points to the smaller lower fuse box for audio/nav fuses etc. Its driving me crazy. Does anyone have diagram or picture of where the fuse link is located?

Edit: I changed all the fuse links one by one and found the bad one. I got the system up and running one issue now is no sound at all. Does anyone know what could be causing that? HELP?
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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