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I just recently had the front differential replaced on my 2015 HSE with 42000 miles. I started hearing a noise from the front of the RR that sounded harmonic (rhythmic?) and increased and decreased with acceleration - de-acceleration. I took it into my local RR dealer and they said that the front differential was bad and would be replaced under warranty. Good so far... However, when I picked the RR up a couple of days ago after they said it had been repaired the noise was much reduced but still discernible. I intend to take it back to the dealer to have it looked at again but hoped to go in to the conversation a bit more educated than I am today. Hoping the experts on the forum can help answer a few questions:
- Is it normal for a front differential to fail at this milage?
- What causes the front differential to fail?
- Can a bad differential cause other components to fail (i.e. front axle CV joints, drive shaft, ??)?

Any suggestions for my upcoming conversation with the Service Manager at the dealership?

Thanks to all in advance for your help!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts