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I've been hunting for a new vehicle, I usually always purchasing BMW's. However I have always been attracted to the "Range Rover Dream", yet always shadowed by the "Range Rover Nightmare".

I've somewhat felt the rumors and stories of nightmare range rovers cool down since 2012 or so.

I'm looking at this Range Rover that seems to be the perfect find, for me.

A 2015 Range Rover HSE with 22k miles and the 6 cylinder gas engine. It seems to be about as base model as the vehicles can be ordered. Which is fine by me...

What really grabbed my attention is that it is also a CPO with warranty to 100,000 miles or 7 years from the original purchase date. Which would leave me with a warranty until approximately 2022. With my driving habits 100k miles and 2022 should line up quite perfectly with the mileage this vehicle is at.

It's also a one owner that was leased from the same Dealership in Texas, they have all of the service records etc.

So, I'm hoping someone can tell me if this warranty will actually take care of my worries, or what it covers in general... I was unable to find any specifics on the warranty coverage online.


The official site seems to show lots of information about the inspection, but not what is covered. Are all of the parts in the inspection covered by the warranty?

And lastly, to be honest, I know this may sound silly, but I'm hoping someone will chime in and tell me that these vehicles have actually been quite solid, or tell me to run for the hills!

Any insight is appreciated. I also noticed browsing through the forums that more than a few people had some major maintenance issues around the 30k mileage mark. Is this common, something I should expect with this car?

What are the major and common maintenance needs at different mileages?

Thanks in advance! Hope to join you guys soon!
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