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My baby just passed a big milestone: 100k miles.
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I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on my ownership experience since I took delivery in March 2014. Everything considered, it has been an excellent vehicle and I am very happy with it. I'd say its been highly reliable. It is still as pretty, peppy and comfortable as the day I brought it home. I still get admirers in parking lots and on the street. We live on a gravel road and go off roading ~2x annually, but I've never been stuck in snow, mud, sand or water. I'm not sure when I will get a new vehicle, but another RRS is at the top of my list. I would feel OK recommending the vehicle or selling this one to someone I know.

Here are some quick stats to support my opinions:
  • 2014.5 RRS L494, 3.0L new from factory with 5 original miles in Mar2014.
  • 100,000 miles today
  • 7 years, 6 months.
  • 5,308 gal of gasoline (yes I keep a record)
  • Maintenance:
    • 3 sets of tires
    • replaced brake pads and rotors once
    • replaced spark plugs once
    • replaced axle oil (F&R) once
    • replaced transfer case fluid once
    • replaced trans fuid & filter+pan once
    • replaced brake fluid 3x
    • replaced air filters once (due for another change)
    • replaced cabin filter 3x
    • replaced main battery once
    • replaced belts once
    • replaced steering fluid 3x
    • replaced wiper blades 3x
    • oil + filter changes 7x
  • Repairs:
    • dried-out foam seals under the engine bonnet replaced
    • shifter button broke/replaced
    • water-logged steering rack replaced
    • leaking water pump replaced (@85K miles)
    • water leak at rear hatch (grommet for wire harness) sealed
  • gas mileage: (calculated by the tank-full at fill-up)
    • average: 18.9mpg
    • min: 15.5 mpg
    • max 21.7 mpg

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Good to hear you are still liking the vehicle. And the most interesting thing for me is that you changed engine oil with 15000 miles intervals, as it recommended, and you do not have any issues with the timing chains. So the question I am asking myself and the members, what is really affecting the life of the chains. The list of services and repairs you have done is pretty much minimal by standards of any reliable vehicle/manufacturer.
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