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2013 RRS SC intermittent lazy/dull

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Hi guys, just wanted to hear your opinion about this... my 2013 RRS SC, 80K miles sometimes it gets so lazy/dull, the whole truck feels so different other times it brisk and response to accelerator touch so sharp and immediate. Always Premium gas, obviously... I had a brand new engine installed by the dealer just 5000 ml ago, but this symptom was carried over, previous engine did the same, on/off. No check engine lights. never had any. What do you think it could be? My warranty runs out in October 2019 so I'd like to use the rest of the time to perfect this beast. I mean, I intend to take a good care of the truck all the time, just after it will be 100% out of my own pocket.
Thanks in advance.
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If you don't have a GAP IID tool, I recommend getting one.

Then reflash all learning parameters, this will reset the transmission to start learning your driving style. It probably feels sluggish more due to this than any other reason assuming you are keeping oil fresh, filters clean, MAF clean and no other basic maintenance is being neglected, including tire pressures.

Good luck!
Thanks. GAP tool on "shopping list", Oil is fresh from LR dealer every 5K, Dealer just changed the Engine 8K ml ago, I assume they checked filters but will verify next weekend, will check TP as weather getting warmer it is time for check anyway.
Thank you.
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