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2013 RRS driver side window.

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The front driver side window in my 2013 RRS will not auto roll up. It will auto roll down. All other windows work. Any suggestions?
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Do you mean it won't roll down at all, or won't auto roll down?

If it won't roll down at all - I had the same issue in my 09. It urned out to be a back connection in the printed circuit board that the switches are mounted on. I checked the switch and took it apart and checked the contacts, all OK. Electronics Technology Electronic device Electronic component Circuit component

Then I tested the window motor by sending power to it directly and it rolled up and down. Product Electronics Technology Auto part

I went back to the switch assembly and checked the circuits with a meter. I found a bad circuit and jumped it with a wire so I could get it rolling right away and it worked and still is, but probably best to buy a new circuit board.
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sanangelohorn , close the window all the way up, release switch then pull the switch again and hold it for 5 - 7 sec.
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