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After much humming and hawing, I finally decided to update the navigation system on my 2013 Evoque - this has turned out to be a big mistake.

I purchased the upgrade from Here (Land Rover's navigation software vendor - www.navigation.com/landrover) for $200 US (pretty pricey when compared to the cost of a GPS unit with lifetime map updates) and followed the instructions for the upgrade. Not much to do, have the engine on, plug in the USB and enter the activation code. The upgrade took several hours to complete, and when the navigation unit restarted, things have been a complete mess.

Now I am dealing with the following:
  1. No voice responses to any voice commands - e.g., if I use the voice command "Dial Voice Tag", I no longer hear "Which Voice Tag", but I see this on the screen, I can say the voice tag "Home" but again do not get any audio response, though I do see the number associated with the tag on screen
  2. The navigation system seems to be suffering a major lag - my location shows me where I was perhaps 20 minutes ago, though the current street name is correct (and updates whenever I turn onto a new road!)
  3. When I turn on the navigation system and hit the "AGREE" key at the bottom of the warning statement, often the screen goes blank and may stay that way for 10 minutes before showing any roads (which are incorrect - see 2 above)
  4. If I try to use voice commands to enter a destination (which is difficult with no audio feedback - see 1 above) - nothing happens
  5. If I try to enter a destination using the screen, I ultimately get a message "functionality not available"
The dealer is suggesting that the Navigation / Bluetooth control unit (?) needs to be replaced at the nice cost of $5,700 - funnily enough there is nothing wrong with Bluetooth connectivity.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Could there be any other explanations?

Many thanks.
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