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Hi all, was hoping somebody on here could give me some advice before I took my 2013 Evoque into the shop

For the past couple of weeks, my remote key has been behaving strangely. When I go to unlock my car, 9 times out of 10 it functions properly, but sometimes I have to press the button quite a few times. When I go to press the lock button, it unlocks my boot, or does nothing at all. After opening and shutting my boot four or five times, the lock button finally locks the car. Sometimes the lock button unlocks my car. Sometimes the buttons do nothing. Sometimes the entire thing works fine. I've found that cracking open the key case and pressing the button on the chip directly gives the desired result but not always.

Now it probably seems pretty obvious that the key is on the fritz, but could it be anything else? like the car's electronics? I don't want to spend $800 on a new key for it to end up being a car problem. I also know that sending it to the shop will probably fix the issue but I'm just wondering if anybody knows of an at-home fix.

Many thanks

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