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Hi All,

After recently acquiring my second RRS, a 2013 HSE Luxury, I had been keen to flip through a few different 2013 HSE Lux build sheets via Topix. Welcome your insight/knowledge on:

-what packages/how are rim and tire choices made? I have the "20 inch pained L320 Design 2", yet I see trucks in the same year, model and exterior colour come with the 255/55/19s (I wish I knew how to attach photos here...but I don't :p). Since listed on the build sheet, I can't imagine the rim choice to have been available at time of purchase when new?

-The 'surround camera system': was this an option on 2013s? I've seen HSE Lux with, and without, this listed on the build sheet! It sounds like it should be a standard option to me...

Any one else notice interesting differences/omissions?

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