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2012 RRS SC Problems Programming Homelink

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Just picked up a 2012 RRS SC and I can't get the garage door opener to link to my Craftsman unit (rolling codes).
I've followed the instructions in the owners manual several times including clearing all stored codes.
I also cleared and reset the garage door unit.
Resets of all 3 remotes worked properly and the Homelink in our Lexus SC430 also reprogramed but the Rover will not talk to the unit.
I get he correct blinking lights on the Rover mirror Homelink telling me its all good but nada.

I was able to get Rover Homelink to open the door but not shut it. When I attempted to reprogram last night I now get nothing.

What am I missing?

I did do a site search but found nothing other than stock directions.

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I had the same problem with the middle Homelink switch on my '13: moved the garage to the far right and it worked. Try a different switch.

But, be aware these Homelinks are very finicky on these cars; don't know why, had no problem with my Lincoln or wife's Maxima, but each LR (and Jags) had issues requiring many tries before the **** think worked with rolling codes. Gate worked first shot, every car.

Also try doing the set up with the car backed up to the garage instead of front forward. I think the ant is in the rear of the vehicle.
Sounds like you need a Homelink repeater. I had the same problem as you have described once I added this part the problem was resolved.

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I'll try those suggestions later this week.

Have you figured this out? Last year when I picked up my 2013 RRS, I had a similar problem. Forget the hand held garage door opener. Press the button on the garage door unit and run back to your car, and press the homelink button 5 to 10 times, or until the garage closes. That's how I did it. The button is similar to the WPS button on a router.

Seems like you are trying to program 3 remotes and 2 cars.... you might want to check that your opener actually supports as many as 5 different remotes. Sometimes they only support upto 4.
Haven't had a chance to get to it.
Hopefully tis weekend.
Spent quite a bit of time yesterday, with all buttons, trying to sync the Rover with my Craftsman door opener to no avail.
Today bought a new top of the line Chamberlain unit and still nothing.
Going to get a spectrum analyzer this week and verify Homelink frequencies are transmitting.
Then buy a new Homelink unit.
Basically all that was needed was the newer opener and the Homelink repeater.
Apparently the newest opener security started in 2013 so older vehicles need the repeater to pair with the security codes.
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