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2010 SC 5.0 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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based on the missing bolt picture ,
the rotor was not properly aligned with the threaded hole on the hub flange.
NOTE in that picture you dont see any threaded hole or broken off bolt, just the hub flange.

To remove the rotor with minimum hammering and possibly damaging the bearing, from excessive force.

Spray some PB blaster on the rotor face so the fluid will wick into the stud holes and the hub mounting collar,
let it soak for a few mins,
then get a MAPP gas torch and heat the outside area of the rotor hat,
about 200 degrees should be sufficient for the rotor come off,
hit the rotor from behind and it should come free.
get a new shouldered bolt to hold the rotor on the hub.

NOTE a missing rotor bolt will not cause a wheel shimmy.

NOTE you should have all 4 of the wheels checked for balance,
and make sure the wheels are fitting snugly on the hub collars.

NOTE if your wheels dont fit the hub collars,
then alignment collars might be needed to center the wheels on the hub flange
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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