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2012 HSE LUX - 93k miles

So today I got the “normal ride height” only fault. I have suspected my compressor was on the way out when I replaced a leaking front bag six months ago (replaced both). It was about 90 degrees here today and I think it was starting to overheat the compressor. Got home and pulled the cover. Started vehicle and it sounds horrible. It’s on its death bed I fear.

Searching the forum only came up with mostly RR sports around 06 with similar issues.

So I have been looking for a replacement. Hopefully a plug and play solution and would appreciate any recommendations. The current compressor is an NCJ Pressings. Which a search yielded nothing. A part search at the dealer gave part # LRO41777. Would like to hear your suggestions on a efficient and economical solution, and preferably without a visit to the dealer. Installation looks pretty straight forward, so if there are any surprises I should look out for, again would appreciate any advice.

Thank you in advance, JW
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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